Women Warriors in Law Enforcement: Proving their Authority

Females in law enforcement must prove themselves in their career field as well as in the public eye. The pressure is on, and these women are not letting anything to get in the way of their profession. Police Magazine wrote an intriguing and well-written article about the females in law enforcement, and how they are battling their way to establish themselves in the law enforcement industry.

“Pressure to succeed and gain respect is compounded by officers’ desire to not let other female officers down. In such a heavily male-dominated field, every woman feels she holds the responsibility of representing all women throughout the entire profession on her shoulders.” – Police Magazine

Please read the article attached, and gain some perspective on the issue at hand. Go girl power!
The State of American Law Enforcement – Women Warriors


Dangers of Domestic Calls, Officers be Safe this Holiday Season

While I am sure we have all been enjoying this holiday season, we just want to thank our fellow officers for all that they do to keep us safe.

Domestic calls are one of the most dangerous calls an officer can get, and with all of these recent horrible and terrifying occurrences, we want to wish you all a safe, loving and joyful holiday season. Visit this link to read more on Danger of Domestic Violence Calls

Happy Holidays

Vintage Ad to Gain Weight Now that the holidays are coming to an end and the new year is approaching, I’m sure we’re all concerned with all of that winter weight we’ve put on. From all that eggnog, to our favorite desserts, its good to eat around the people we love. I came across this vintage ad that encouraged women to gain weight! Something tells me we’re living in the wrong times. At HerBlueWear we’re not ashamed of our curves and neither should you! Our pants have the design to fit you no matter what shape you are (and they’re comfy too). So whether you’re a ruler, pear or an apple shaped body, be proud of your gorgeous figure and don’t be afraid to indulge this holiday season! Happy Holidays!

Same Size, Different Body

ImageAll three of these virtual women wear a size 10, but their bodies all take a different shape. At Her BlueWear this is one of our main focuses when designing our uniform pants. We understand that a size 10 does not just mean a size 10. That is why we developed the three main body shapes that our pants are designed for. As mentioned in an earlier post, these three different forms are defined, balanced, and streamline. 

These virtual bodies were created at Cornell University in the College of Human Ecology. 

Bad Girl ad.Ventures

One beautiful summer afternoon, the sister-in-law of finalist Denise Czack, Officer Tanya Sirl, was about to finish her shift.  Five minutes before quitting time, a call came in indicating that two juvenile males had fled the scene of a traffic stop.  All of the sudden she saw the boys running through a neighborhood and in an instant she was in pursuit.  After scaling two fences and crossing two busy streets she caught them.  While handcuffing the suspects, she noticed a pleasant, yet disconcerting breeze…the familiar feeling of a “police wardrobe mishap.”  With a ripped seam and a torn ego she marched through the neighborhood, one hand on her criminal, the other holding together her pants and her dignity.  
This wasn’t the first time this unfortunate malfunction had occurred.  In fact, when Denise’s sister-in-law got back to the station, the dispatching officer’s response was…NOT…

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Designers of New Police Gear for Women at SHOT Show

Earlier this year we had an amazing experience attending the 2012 SHOT Show, and had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by GunLinkSHOT who posted the interview on their blog.

The number of females who have a career in law enforcement has grown exponentially. However, the design and fit of their uniforms have never truly caught up to the times, until now. Law enforcement uniforms claim to be “unisex” but they are mainly designed with the male body in mind, since men are the popular gender in this industry. Her BlueWear Uniforms, LLC is all about the female body and perspective of the woman when designing our uniform pants.

This interview covers the topics on how our business started with Tanya’s pants mishap after chasing someone down, and how the idea of a police uniform specifically designed for the female body formulated.

Inspiring Woman of the Day: Marie Owens

“I like to do police work, It gives me a chance to help women and children who need help.” – Marie Owens

HBWU Blog-Marie Owens

Marie Owens is claimed to have been the first U.S. female in law enforcement in 1891. As an Irish Catholic woman living in the city of Chicago, Owens was dedicated to helping the women and children who experienced the cruel and severe working conditions in sweatshops.

Owens was a huge advocate for child labor laws, and since an inspector’s job was limited, Owens was hired by the Chicago Police Department. She was given the title detective sergeant, and had the power to arrest the individuals who forced children into the harsh working conditions.

Read more about the article at http://http://triblocal.com/skokie/2010/09/02/was-chicago-home-to-the-countrys-1st-female-cop/