A message from Sergeant Sirl

A message from Sergent Sirl

When I first went to Denise with my complaints about my work attire, I had no idea my conversation would lead to an explosion within the industry I had tried so hard to blend in to. Had someone told me in 2007 that it would also take several years for a dream to become a reality, I would have cried foul in many languages.
Yet, here I am, writing to you about HBWU. YOU, someone who has the same complaints about their uniforms that I do. Someone who has waited for the “powers that be” to notice we needed someone to be our voice in “Equality in Uniforms”. You are the reason that HBWU exists and will show the law enforcement industry that women belong here and we are staying.
With that having been said, to make gains we must struggle. I would like to think that I could shut my eyes and when I open them I would have dropped 25 lbs without starving, paid off my college loans and had uniforms and equipment that fit. Unfortunately, patience has never been my strong suit. The president of HBWU, Denise Czack is my closest friend and moreover she is like family. She has been seriously burning the midnight oil to ensure that my voice, YOUR voice.. is heard when these pants are sold in the retail world. She has been meeting and working an incredible partnership/blending with an experienced FORCE in the uniform industry. I wish I could fill you in on the details, but trust me – it is going to be an awesome combination! Knowing that the pants made For Women – and designed By Women and that they are made in cooperation with people who have known law enforcement uniforms from the earliest days of uncomfortable polyester is almost too much to imagine. But, it is in the works Ladies!

What this letter boils down to is my personal promise to you that HBWU is working for You. We are going to be rolling out pants that you will LOVE and will come to rely on. It may not be as fast as I would have liked – but they are coming! I appreciate your patience. I appreciate that you are waiting on the pants you should have had from day one. I promise to keep you informed and updated. Hopefully between Denise’s perseverance and my stubborn impatience – the wait will be shorter than you think.

Till then, Be safe. And remember, just because you bust butts at work does not mean your own butt should not be well-covered while you do it!

Sergeant Tanya Sirl


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