Bad Girl ad.Ventures

One beautiful summer afternoon, the sister-in-law of finalist Denise Czack, Officer Tanya Sirl, was about to finish her shift.  Five minutes before quitting time, a call came in indicating that two juvenile males had fled the scene of a traffic stop.  All of the sudden she saw the boys running through a neighborhood and in an instant she was in pursuit.  After scaling two fences and crossing two busy streets she caught them.  While handcuffing the suspects, she noticed a pleasant, yet disconcerting breeze…the familiar feeling of a “police wardrobe mishap.”  With a ripped seam and a torn ego she marched through the neighborhood, one hand on her criminal, the other holding together her pants and her dignity.  
This wasn’t the first time this unfortunate malfunction had occurred.  In fact, when Denise’s sister-in-law got back to the station, the dispatching officer’s response was…NOT…

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