Florida Road Trip

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Tanya and Denise are going on a road trip through the sunshine state of Florida!

It is time to tie up the loose ends and add the finishing details to our pants before we launch them. We know it is short notice but … if you’re in the area, feel free to let us know!  We would love to take you out for a drink or coffee, anywhere convenient for you. Your ideas and opinions are the driving forces behind our product and you can feel free to pick our brains and give us suggestions! We would thoroughly enjoy your company. Here is a list of the dates and places that we will be:

Tampa 15th

Port Charlotte 16th

Travelling route 75

Miami 17th

Ft. Lauderdale 18th 


Hang Tag Contest!!!!


CONTEST: We’re in the midst of our development stage, and since Her BlueWear is a company that is made FOR women, BY women, our final step is to put YOU on our hang tag!

Our pants are offered in three different fits; Defined (j-lo), Streamline (boyish), and Balance (I think you get it). Send us a picture or link to your Facebook page and we will randomly select a winner to be represented on hang tags.

Lady Cop

RULES: We will reserve all rights to use the image you have submitted. There will be no compensation for using your image. You must submit your name, number, email, and a photo of yourself to denise.czack@herbluewear.com NO LATER THAN February 1, 2013 at 11:59pm.We will announce the winner by February 4, 2013.

This could be you!      Lady Copper

A Balancing Act: Mother’s in Law Enforcement

No matter what type of career it may be, a woman has two jobs when it comes to being a mother. Gary Harki of the Charleston Gazette wrote a short article titled Troopers Balance Law Enforcement With Motherhood, in which he interviews three female state troopers.

As being a mother in law enforcement continues to become more popular, motherly instincts have their way of playing a role on the job. Captain S.A. Hatten of South Charleston notes “if there are little kids involved, if it’s a domestic or sexual abuse, being a mother kicks in.” 

TLC also has a show called The Police Women of Broward County which follows four everyday women who take their kids to school while simultaneously arresting criminals and busting up drug rings.

Being a mother is a constant job, and we thank all mothers out there who are working nonstop to keep the peace in their home and on the streets.