A Balancing Act: Mother’s in Law Enforcement

No matter what type of career it may be, a woman has two jobs when it comes to being a mother. Gary Harki of the Charleston Gazette wrote a short article titled Troopers Balance Law Enforcement With Motherhood, in which he interviews three female state troopers.

As being a mother in law enforcement continues to become more popular, motherly instincts have their way of playing a role on the job. Captain S.A. Hatten of South Charleston notes “if there are little kids involved, if it’s a domestic or sexual abuse, being a mother kicks in.” 

TLC also has a show called The Police Women of Broward County which follows four everyday women who take their kids to school while simultaneously arresting criminals and busting up drug rings.

Being a mother is a constant job, and we thank all mothers out there who are working nonstop to keep the peace in their home and on the streets.


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