Female’s in Uniform in the UK

In 1919 Scotland hired its first group of female police officers who didn’t even have a uniform to wear on their first day on the job. In fact, they weren’t even allowed to make arrests, until four years later. Once these women finally received their uniforms, catching the criminal was half the battle. The other half, well, their uniforms. Image

“The 1919 version with its uncomfortably heavy skirt to the ankles and belted jacket was described by the first female Met detective Lilian Wyles as ‘unspeakable apparel’. The skirt lifted only a few inches when the uniform was redesigned in 1946. During the Sixties, hemlines were raised even further and WPCs were given a more fashionable pillbox hat.” -Mail Online

Imagine trying to chase after someone in a skirt! If only Her BlueWear was around during that time… 

Read more of this article about female officers throughout history in the UK! 



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