New Delhi Police Hire 2,508 Additional Police Women

After a meeting at The Centre in New Delhi, India, there was a strong push to have additional female police officers in their 180 police stations. The initial agenda of the meeting was to discuss the measures that should be taken to prevent crime against women in India after the gang-rape incident that occurred on December 16. Women are comprised of approximately 4% of India’s total police forces and women will feel more secure to turn towards the police if there were women in the force to talk to. 

It is truly incredible see how much demand there is for females in law enforcement around the world. The goal for India is to have their female police force increase to 33% of the total police population. The importance for women in law enforcement is crucial, since it will help other females who face abuse and other conflicts feel safer about confessing to law enforcement and helping reduce crime overall. 


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A Message from Her BlueWear Uniforms


Hello to all, Her BlueWear Uniforms is getting ready to launch. In keeping with our mission “for women by women” we would GREATLY appreciate your input. As for our male counterparts, if you could pass this info on, we would appreciate you as well.

Below are a few questions, answer one or all, we’ll take it.

  1. What size of jeans do you wear?
  2. What size are your uniform pants?
  3. What color are your uniform pants?
  4. Are your uniform pants with or without cargo pockets?
  5. What state do you currently live in?
  6. Does your department issue your uniforms or do you get an allowance?
  7. What shape is your body? (Please choose from the following)
    1. Hourglass/Balanced
    2. Ruler/Streamline
    3. Pear/Defined

Send your response to  and feel free to contact me with any question or concerns.

Here at Her BlueWear Uniform, we feel we are a solution company not a uniform company. If you like, you can add what is your biggest complaint about your uniforms and what would you like to see us “fix” next?

Thank you for your time!

Stay safe,

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