A Message from Her BlueWear Uniforms


Hello to all, Her BlueWear Uniforms is getting ready to launch. In keeping with our mission “for women by women” we would GREATLY appreciate your input. As for our male counterparts, if you could pass this info on, we would appreciate you as well.

Below are a few questions, answer one or all, we’ll take it.

  1. What size of jeans do you wear?
  2. What size are your uniform pants?
  3. What color are your uniform pants?
  4. Are your uniform pants with or without cargo pockets?
  5. What state do you currently live in?
  6. Does your department issue your uniforms or do you get an allowance?
  7. What shape is your body? (Please choose from the following)
    1. Hourglass/Balanced
    2. Ruler/Streamline
    3. Pear/Defined

Send your response to info@herbluewear.com  and feel free to contact me with any question or concerns.

Here at Her BlueWear Uniform, we feel we are a solution company not a uniform company. If you like, you can add what is your biggest complaint about your uniforms and what would you like to see us “fix” next?

Thank you for your time!

Stay safe,

Denise Czack


Her BlueWear Uniforms



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