POLICE Magazine Featuring: HerBlueWear Uniforms

Tanya Sirl, VP of HBWU

Tanya Sirl, VP of HBWU

“New Uniforms Boast Comfort, Technology and Tradition,” Brittini Rubin of POLICE Magazine writes. In her article, Rubin discusses how improvements in technology have made fabric and design a lot more safer and efficient for officers to use and how companies now have taken their own approach create different styles of pants. With an array of options to choose from, departments and agencies are able to easily address their pain points, and purchase a style of pant that solves their problems, without spending additional money on alterations.

With the growing number of females in the law enforcement industry, HerBlueWear Uniforms has taken the initiative to design pants for these women by using their valued opinions as our guide. With the help from our field testers, we were able to narrow down our pants to three different styles: Balanced (if you are hourglass shaped), Defined (if you are pear shaped), and Streamline (if you are ruler shaped).

“Our purpose and driving force are to create a safer uniform for women,” Denise Czack President of HerBlueWear Uniforms

Take a look at our feature and read more about the article at http://www.policemag.com/channel/women-in-law-enforcement/articles/2013/05/new-uniforms-boast-comfort-technology-and-tradition.aspx


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