What Women Want … Female Officers that is

A friend to HBWU and an incredible woman – Sergeant Betsy Bratner Smith writes about what women cops want and how females in all areas of the law enforcement industry would like to be viewed. Although she explicitly states that she does not speak for all women officers, Smith is a prominent voice that needs to be heard. Image

Throughout her article, with the exception of uniform malfunctions and oversized handguns, women want the opposite of special attention. They want to be apart of the law enforcement industry in its entirety, and not have their own label.  

Males and females have different perspectives, attitudes, and ways of communication. That doesn’t mean that they should be seen differently, but in fact, they each bring something different to the table which creates a stronger and more powerful bond in law enforcement. “Both men and women want to be part of the Thin Blue Line, the family that is law enforcement,” states Smith, “…the men and women of this wonderful profession share an unbreakable connection; love your brothers and sisters in blue. We need each other; we always have, and we always will.”

Please, PLEASE read Sergeant Smith’s inspiring article and you will feel just as intrigued as I did. http://www.officer.com/article/10745417/what-women-cops-want


Top Female Officer Killed: Was it due to her Gender?

 ImageA protector, role model, and proud citizen being threatened by her own family and friends. Why would a high-profile police officer draw so much negativity to her country? Not because of her words, actions, or skills, but because she was a woman. 

Lieutenant Islam Bibi was one of Afghanistan’s well-known police officers and became a face for women’s rights. Many people disapproved of Bibi’s career including her own father, sisters, and her brother who tried to kill her three times. Despite her family’s opposition, Bibi’s courageous acts led her to become the most senior officer serving in Helmand. Unfortunately, her life was cut short when the 37-year old mother of 3 was shot to death by a member of her own country.

It is truly horrible to see how female’s are being viewed and treated in different countries around the world. Although women are starting to gain the voice they deserve, they face the terrible repercussions. On Thursday, Taliban rebels in Helmand killed four girls in a bombing at a wedding targeting government officials who encourage women’s rights. When will this ever end? It’s hard to tell, but women such as Bibi have made powerful impacts on the advancement of women’s freedoms. Image

During the 1990s, Bibi was a refugee in Iran, and after the fall of the Taliban, she came back to Afghanistan in 2001 and joined the police force for two reasons: salary, and the love for her country. A woman with so much love for her country while being seen in a negative light by the people in her own country is truly a sad thing. She faced a battle every morning when she woke up and put on her uniform. Although she lived a short life, she will be remembered as a courageous leader who stood up for her rights and what she believed in, no matter what the consequences were. Bibi and the women before her have created a path for many for females to follow and stand up for women’s rights.