Another Female Officer ends an active shooter rampage

Another Female Officer ends an active shooter rampage

Tanya here —    I stole this link from my FB friend Chantelle (a female LEO in Michigan). An amazing act of bravery from another woman LEO. It kind of amazes me that there are still some people who shun women in law enforcement after we have time and time again proven ourselves worthy of respect.  This military police officer (who goes unnamed) ends this shooter’s spree when she engaged with him at Fort Hood.  In 2009, a civilian female officer engaged the shooter and ended his rampage while injured.  HERO FEMALE OFFICERS!  Can I get a HELL YEAH?!!!!

As Police Officers we engage danger without hesitation.  Why? Because we are trained to do so.  Trained to push beyond fear and rely on what has been taught to us as POLICE OFFICERS.. as SOLDIERS.  There is no gender bias in active shooters.  They get neutralized.  It is amazing to me that we have not heard who this female LEO at Fort Hood was this time. Amazing that the media has not made a bigger deal that this link I am sharing that in two active shooter situations at the same place, female officers saved lives.    

So — I am making a big deal out of it.   Spread this blog.  Send it to your friends and co-workers.  Send it to your mom.  Send it to the idiot who makes it well known he dislikes women in Law Enforcement.   Tell that idiot hello from me.   And from the women at Fort Hood.   Good Job Officers.   REALLY good job.  

Stay Safe out there.   – 64


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