Life In Balance

Life In Balance

Tanya here –
In an ideal world – I AM the elephant on the ball -In perfect balance. In the real world, I just feel like I look like the jackass that is next to that elephant. (but out of the camera’s view) 🙂
Funny picture right? Do you balance the demands of police work and your personal life with grace? Do you keep all things in “check”?
I have to tell you that I believe this is one of the hardest professions chosen to keep all things in balance. Work training (mental and physical), work hours, side work to make ends meet, friends in the profession, friends OUT of the profession, family, spouse, children, MOM stuff, health, mental health, JUST KEEPING MY HOUSE CLEAN.. rest, relaxation (WHAT IS THAT?????) They all make demands. Some of those demands are silent – like keeping up to date on the latest court decisions (until faced with a similar case) and some of them SCREAM “look at me” (like not working out when you are huffing through a sprint after a bad guy). All those aspects of your life touch one another somehow. Over the next week or so I am planning on discussing (more like me talking -you reading) about those demands.. one part at a time. Maybe we can all learn something about keeping life in balance… me included. I doubt I will balance on a ball at anytime soon…but at least I can keep from looking like a jackass in a room full of balancing elephants. Time to run – the dogs are DEMANDING to go out! Stay Safe! – 64


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