First Line of Defense for Canine Versus Moron

First Line of Defense for Canine Versus Moron

Tanya here…
I am not gonna lie, I was not always a big dog person. I think because as a young kid my mother never let my sister and I keep a dog. I would fall in love with a puppy (that I “happened” to find) and it would be gone the next day. I actually ran away from home once because of a dog custody issue with my mom. I came home before she filed me as missing and beat my ass later when I was found .. but- Hey I was an angry 12 year old over the dog.
So when my daughter told me she wanted a dog I had to be convinced. I started looking at dogs on PETFINDER.COM knowing I wanted to rescue a dog rather than go to a breeder. Now, I am not against breeders or pure breeds with responsible people who handle that. There are just SO MANY dogs that need rescued! Puppy Mills on the other hand make me want to castrate an owner of the mill with a dirty steak knife that I left in the rain for a month and dip in gasoline just before cutting them. Just saying. (NO I am not still angry like I was as a 12 year old. Just “Passionate” about certain things)
My heart changed when I brought Sadie home.(on the left in the pic) I love her like my child – one that is messy, likes to steal my food and snores under my covers. Then I adopted Moose.(Obviously the big guy on the right) And that name fits him perfectly. He is the most gentle, sweet Great Dane/German Shepherd/Doberman mix ever at 119lbs. He tests for his therapy dog certification this month. I am pretty excited for him although the vest is gonna look like a thong on his big back.. But, I digress – back to topic.
So why today’s blog entry with my dog history? Because people can be the most irresponsible idiots on the planet. Because dogs are a gift in your life – and if you own one and do not take care of him/her and treat it like s**t – it makes me want to treat you that way. I dealt with a pit bull mix puppy tied to the tree on a metal chain in a back yard in the middle of a horrible lightening storm. Its owner decided to go watch a basketball or baseball game and have a few beers. He did not care much about the dog when I got a hold of him through my dispatcher.
I saved his dog and took it from him. F- him. REALLY. That poor dog is going to freak out whenever a storm hits now because his owner was a complete moron. (Definitely no Ceasar Milan there ) And calling him that is an insult to morons too! He got arrested. And that made me smile.
Sometimes arresting someone who really needs it makes you smile. Like finding a twenty dollar bill in a purse or coat. Not expected, but it is appreciated! Arresting them makes me giggle inside and even sometimes outside when the arrested idiot starts whining, bitching, crying or even begging. They want to tell you what a great dog owner they are and how they love the dog like their own child after you cuffed them because the dog was left out in the cold with no shelter or left in the house when the family went on vacation.. When it comes to idiots who are arrested for animal crimes – well, it is like finding that twenty two days before payday. REALLY appreciated.
Animals are helpless. They live to please us. They make us happy. They teach us to love. Sometimes the poor animal gets stuck with an idiot owner. I would give the twenty dollar bill back to watch every one of them get cuffed and booked.
So – if an idiot’s house was burning down – let’s say because his drunk ass dropped a cigarette on the carpet..I would LIKE to say that when I get there, I am finding his kids and dog and then him – in that order. Hey, I am not a firefighter right? 🙂
The first line of defense for a canine versus a moron. That is me. Gotta go walk the Moose…
Stay Safe! – 64


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