The end of vacation… sigh…

Happy Summertime friends.. Pardon my absence but I was on vacation. The first REAL vacation I have had in forever. I made the decision to drive across the country and see the world— ok, the western portion of the U.S. but to me that is the world right now!
It just so happens just before I am about to drive through Nebraska they are hit by those twin tornadoes. Then hit again in two days! How horrible right? Here I was, looking up the city hit on the internet and mapping how far from the highway. I wanted to see how far it was that I would have to go to that city. Why? I guess because some part of me felt I should stop and help if I could.
Honestly, who among us has not thought about helping someone in need? You could not be a police officer in any sense of the word if you did not feel for the victims of those tragedies and the safety forces who have to handle the aftermath.
Whether mother nature slammed that city or terrorists hit it would not matter to most of us. There are people who are shocked, hurting and alone. Some have no where to go and everything they once owned is gone. It makes me feel like anything I could do is more than they once had. It makes me wish I was rich too.
Sadly, I did not end up there. I did however take a quick assessment of priorities at my own home in order to make sure I was prepared if something horrible happened here.
Have you done that lately?
SERIOUSLY Have you put a folder together of your life insurance, health insurance, home owners insurance and all associated stuff? A copy of your passwords for online accounts, pension information and anything else you might need in a flash? All that should go in a fire-proof safe with you passport etc. Morbid as it may seem, mine has my funeral requests on paper in it as well. No one should have to sit around and wonder if I would like something or not for my funeral. I wonder if any of the victims in Nebraska had one of those emergency info kits. Bet they wish they had one now.
So – did I relax on vacation? YUP. SURE DID. Did not work a single side job, take a single work phone call or think about a single case. I did not even wear make-up half the week.
I hate heading back from vacation. It is like a huge hangover that even a burger and greasy fries will not help. I feel like Debbie Downer walking in the door and not wanting to get that gear on again. I know damn well I will end up with a back ache or bruises on my hips in the next few days from the weight of the belt. And of course, I am scheduled back for side jobs before and after my regular hours too.
So it is the end of vacation — and back to the races. If anyone knows of a fund or charity to help those Nebraska families – please post it here. And remember to get your own emergency paperwork kit in order.
Stay Safe!


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