9-11 is not forgotten

9-11 has always been a big day for me. Not because of the tragedy in 2001. It has not been a big day because it was a day of loss and patriotism. It is a big day because it is my mother’s birthday.
To some, that would seem secondary. I guess in most ways that matter – it is. But, it is because of my mother that I am a police officer. It is because of 9-11 my choice to become a police officer means more than a commitment to crushing crime – it means a commitment to my country on all levels.
My mother is a wonderful woman. She raised my sister and I pretty much on her own until we were in our early teens. She showed us what it meant to be tough, independent and intelligent. She did not take no for an answer and told us that no matter what, we could be anything we wanted to be. She prepared me to be a good – no a GREAT police officer. She was my back up before I knew I needed it.
Then 9-11 happened. I won’t remind everyone of the details we all remember very clearly. I will however reiterate that each life lost, each person even hurt -well, they were the center of a spiderweb crack in glass. Their hurt or death caused pain with so many more people it is like looking at a glass window crack in front of you. I remember where I was and I am certain you remember where you were as the events of that day unfolded. No one and really nothing in this country has been the same since. It is a day that will effect our children, our children’s children and so on. It is a day that reminded us proactive is better than reactive…
I am grateful my mother instilled all the values and ideals she did in my sister and me. I was better prepared to be diligent, cautious and still use common sense to discern that not EVERYTHING and not EVERYONE is a terrorist..yet, I am watching to be sure. Does that even make sense?
We call my mom Big Carol. She is literally barely over 5 feet tall. Not big in height – but big in spirit. She pushed me from behind when I thought I could no longer move forward. She kicked me in the ass when it was deemed necessary too (ouch). She made me want to kick ass and take names at the career I chose in a field that was primarily dominated by men. She made me laugh in the face of danger. 🙂
This balance of Big Carol and the tragedy of 9-11 seems odd but really makes perfect sense. I was better prepared to change into the police officer I am today because my mother raised me right. I am a patriot and an American thru and thru. But first, I am Big Carol’s youngest child..and both are important.
Happy Birthday Mom. You are a very brave woman and I am blessed to be your daughter.
Remember those we lost today. Thanks and be safe.


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