“I didn’t do it…

“I didn’t do it.” “Take me.” “Do you carry your handcuffs on a date?” “Do you have your gun on you?” “Why can’t I get pulled over by you?” – Civilian quotes to female officers

Tanya here…again.  

AHHHHH — The civilian male.   A different sort of animal to say the least.  Most posture very “manly”  when greeted with a female in an authority figure or make fools of themselves with quotes like I have here.   If I had a dime for every time I heard one of them… well, I would have a hell of a lot of dimes.  

This brings me to today’s topic..  Friends outside of LE.  My best friends have nothing to do with police work.  As a matter of fact, two of them have been friends with me 30 years.  (I was in the womb when we met – in case you were trying to mentally figure out what age I could be)  🙂   They remind me there is life outside of police work – yet, I am still never far from it.

Did you ever get that feeling?   That even though you say you are off duty (Yes, I said duty) that you are not off duty?  When I first became a police officer non-LEO friends would introduce me as – “This is Tanya.  She is a police officer.”   I always found that amusing/irritating.   I did not introduce them as “This is Joe. He is a mechanic.”  or “This is Janet. She is a nurse practitioner.”     It is funny that people feel the need to tell everyone what I do for a living.  I would have to remind them that not everyone likes police officers.  And when you announce to the bar that I am in  law enforcement – I now have to watch everyone’s hands, stares and looks to make sure they are not remembering someone who arrested them, treated them without respect or pissed them off in general who wore a badge.   I am a traveling salesman… selling peace and harmony.  That is my preferred description of my job.  

No sir, I do not know why the cop who stopped you for turning right from the far left lane did not allow you to explain your side of the story.  No ma’am, I do not know why you were not allowed to see the radar unit when stopped for speeding. (A myth by the way for all you non-leo people reading this- we do not have to let you see the radar unit.)  Sorry – were you talking?  I was trying to watch the game on that big ass television over your head at this FOOTBALL party.  I did not see the part on the invitation that said there would be a police officer at the event to ask all your law enforcement related questions. What do you do?  A Doctor?  WOW – can I ask you a question?  Why do all doctors make me wait after my scheduled appointment time til ..forever?  Why are all doctors…..  (You get the picture?)

But — all that whining aside — I do love hanging out with my civilian friends.  They took a while to break in so they understood me… but I can just be ME with them.  They know what an idiot I was as a teenager,  what jerks I dated that I wish I could forget and stand up for me when people complain about me or say something inappropriate.   THEY can say inappropriate things — no one else!   🙂

If all cops had were cops as friends — well they BECOME the job.  NO ONE should become the job.  You carry the weight of injustice and misery as it is — you should not be thinking of it, reminded of it and discussing it 24/7.   Bring the positive home and share it..  Of course I have friends that are LEOs.  And they are AWESOME friends.  They get it when I call pissed at midnight over something from work.  I don’t have to explain the process of dealing with a domestic or asking the boss for something.   I just make sure they are not my ONLY friends… and when we hang out… it is not to commiserate and bitch.   It is to regroup, refresh and remember that I am human.

Well – time to get dressed.  I have to get to my traveling salesman job.  Best part of this job?  If you do not like what I am selling — I can take you back to the plant and keep you there til you change your mind.  🙂  Win/Win.

-Stay safe!  – 64